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Let's work Together

Why hire me?

To create a video for your brand or business, a lot of prep work goes into it. I sit down with clients (in person or video chat) and get to know their brand and the services they provide to clients. This lets me have a better understanding of what their business and brand is. I will have a better idea of how to film the video for them and what to incorporate into their video project. We then discuss what type of scenes and shots to get for the edit. Once we have a good idea of what we need to capture and how to capture it, we set a date to film. After filming, the client and I discuss a few possible music tracks (which come with your project at no extra cost) to use for the video and then I start the editing. I usually get an edit done within 5 business days after filming. You want to hire someone like me because I go the extra mile to learn about YOUR business and brand so I can create the best video for you to show the world! 

I film with professional cameras and drones, I have access to a lot of royalty free music and audio effects, and I am licensed and insured.

If you don't hire me, I would strongly encourage you to hire a professional that is going to offer a great experience. I am networked with a lot of people in this industry and if you do not think I would be a good fit for your photo and video needs, I can help find someone who would be! 

Please contact me and let me know what type of video work you are looking for!

Thanks for submitting!

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